NSFW. 18+ ONLY please. Tales of my Dom and I's sexual encounters. Things I like. Things I find sexually appealing...
I am a new sub, so any advice helps <3

Wet. Pink. Pussy. :)

Nice and ready for Daddy.

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Daddy rode me hard from behind, and when he finished he punished me for being a bad girl…

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"Being submissive is a role to be played for by someone who earns it, because being a good obedient little sub is my outlet for being a bitch with a lot of responsibility and stress during the day. Being submissive isn’t about taking what you can get, its about giving everything you can to a man who knows how to truly rock your world. That’s what i say when i may just get down on my knees for the right man. I don’t fuck just anyone even if i think they’re cool. Sex is something that connects you to a person forever in your memories, that’s why humans are typically life time partners. I don’t want to remember fucking people i didn’t enjoy fucking. That doesn’t mean i’m arrogant and hot headed. I’m confident and i know what i want, i talk like i know what i want i act like i know what i want. If someone doesn’t like it, well either you can get over it or figure a way to blow that steam of my bite off."
This is exactly how i feel.

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